The NVPHBV: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Patroonherkenning en Beeldverwerking (Dutch Society for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing) is focused on scientific research and practical applications in the field of pattern recognition, image processing, and computer vision. The NVPHBV is the Dutch representative in the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR).

The society was established in 1981, and has around 300 members. Our members have backgrounds in engineering, biology, medicine, physics and other fields, and are employed in academia or in industry. Membership is open to everyone who is involved pattern recognition or image processing. Students following studies related to these fields can become members as well. The society organizes two meetings per year, with invited and contributed talks on pattern recognition and image processing, as well as excellent networking opportunities.

NVPHBV represents the Netherlands in the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR). One of IAPR’s activities is the biannual International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). The 11th ICPR took place in 1992 in The Hague was organized by NVPHBV. The Elsevier journal Pattern Recognition Letters is an official publication channel of the IAPR. Members of NVPHBV can subscribe to the journal for a reduced fee.

For information about subscription, please contact the secretary of the board:

Ir. Jurrien de Knecht
Prime Vision, Delft, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 15 219 20 90
Email: j.deknecht [at] primevision [dot] com