Fall Meeting 2017

The NVPHBV Fall Meeting 2017 will be held on Tuesday 7 November 2017, 09:00-17:30 in the Zwarte Doos Movie Theatre and Grand Cafe, Eindhoven University of Technology campus.
Please save the date, register and submit your abstract.


Keynote speakers:

Chantal Tax, PhD, Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, UK:
‘Unravelling the brain’s connections with MRI’Chantal Tax, PhD

Prof. Dick de Ridder, Bioinformatics Group, Plant Sciences, Wageningen University:
‘Machine learning to understand and engineer biomolecular interactions’

For registration, submission of your abstract, and the program, see this page.

Invoices 2017

The invoices for 2017 are being sent out now. If you don’t receive an invoice by the end of June, please check your spam folder, and otherwise contact Veronika Cheplygina.

If your invoice mentions a meeting on the 11th of November, please ignore it – this is a copy paste error from 2016 🙂

Your invoice number has the format 2017-AAA-BBBB. Don’t forget that “AAA” is your membership number, which you can use for IAPR-related discounts, such as ICPR.