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During the Fall meeting in 2022 we had the first ever winners of our Best Abstract Award. Gayathri Dhanapal and Raj Kumar Ashokan, master students from the University of Twente have won this prize out of a selection of very good abstracts. Their abstract with the title : “Frechet Face Distance – A New Metric for Inpainting Facial Images” was outstanding.

On 16th of May 2023 we have our Spring meeting on Robust AI. This is your chance to win this award.

Read our call for papers and submit yours. And come and join us in Nijmegen-Lent.

Call for Abstracts

To apply AI systems in the real world, we have to make sure they are robust and their decisions must be explainable. Furthermore, they should respond to unseen phenomena in a predictable way and we should make sure that the models are correct and without bias. In an inspiring afternoon, we will explore these questions with invited keynote speakers and short research presentations. As always there will be ample time to connect with all attendees from industry and academia.

You are invited to submit your abstract (max. 1 A4 plus 1 or 2 illustrations) for a short oral or poster presentation. Please submit your abstract before 1 May, 2023 as PDF to You will receive a notice of acceptance by 8 May, 2023. Topics include, but are not limited to: Robust AI in Computer Vision and Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Deep Learning, Neural Networks.

This is the first time the abstracts for a NVPHBV meeting will be published in online proceedings, i.e. they are referable and count as a publication. Upon request by the authors, a full paper or the abstract may appear in online proceedings. Work under review elsewhere can be submitted as well and presented work can be published elsewhere without restrictions (copy left).

It is our pleasure to announce that this year we will have a best-abstract award of €200.

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