Nicola Pezzotti at Spring Meeting 2023: Robust AI

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Trustworthy iterative deep-learning models and … hot air balloons

by Dr. Nicola Pezzotti (Director of Data Science at Philips Cardiologs Paris/ Assistant professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology)

Iterative, or unrolled, deep-learning models are becoming a cornerstone of several applications. Such models build on the existing theory of iterative algorithms and substitute, in a form or another, traditional operators or functions with learned ones.
In this talk, I will present a layman intuition – using hot air balloons! – on what makes such approaches different from traditional models, and how particular operations, such as data-consistency, are key to ensure trustworthiness of the produced output.
I will use some of my work on MRI reconstruction, interpretable AI and uncertainty estimation to dive deeper in the concepts above. I will then conclude with some thoughts on how such approaches relate to generative AI.

We have two more speakers at this event:

  • Geert Litjens (Radboud UMC) will tell us about AI model robustness and transparency in medical imaging.
  • Nicola Strisciuglio (University of Twente) will address the problems of robustness and generalization of computer vision models, and link them to characteristics of and bias in the training data.
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