Ronald Poppe bij FALL MEETING 2019: DEEP VISION


Driver Handheld Cell Phone Use Detection

Many road accidents are attributed to in-car phone use. Currently, drivers can only be fined if they are caught red-handed. In anticipation of changing legislation to allow for automated fining, we address developing computer vision detection algorithms for this task. In this talk, we discuss the technical challenges in terms of the limited amount of labeled data, low image quality and the ambiguous nature of the footage. Instead of pursuing a pure deep learning approach, we rely on domain knowledge to deal with these challenges. We show results, as well as insights into the inner workings of our approach.



Fall meeting 2019: Deep Vision

The NVPHBV fall meeting will be held at Wednesday 27th of November 2019 at the University of Amsterdam. Topic of the meeting will be “Deep Vision”, more information and call for abstracts will follow. ...
Nov 27
11:30 - 18:30
University of Amsterdam, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica
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