Samet Akcay at Fall meeting 2023: Anomaly Detection

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Bridging the Gap: Anomalib – Open-Source Innovation in Anomaly Detection

by Dr. Samet Akcay (AI research engineer  at Intel)

In today’s dynamic AI landscape, anomaly detection plays a critical role in ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of systems. This keynote addresses the transformative power of open-source tools in advancing anomaly detection research and development, with a spotlight on Anomalib, an innovative library that serves as a bridge between state-of-the-art research and real-world product applications.

Anomalib offers a comprehensive toolkit to researchers, encompassing advanced algorithms and modular components. It provides the flexibility to utilize existing algorithms or create novel approaches, streamlining the development process. Additional features like experiment tracking, visualization tools, and hyper-parameter optimization simplify the design and experimentation of new or existing anomaly detection methods.

For product developers, Anomalib delivers user-friendly and flexible utilities that seamlessly integrate into software stacks. These tools include model optimization, quantization utilities, and deployment-ready inferences. These tools enable the creation of accurate, real-time products in a number of fields, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and security.

This keynote will highlight Anomalib’s primary features, including its scalability, adaptability to various data, and real-world success stories. Anomalib will bridge the gap between academic research and practical application in the disciplines of data science, machine learning, and AI.

This keynote will showcase Anomalib’s key attributes, such as its scalability, adaptability to diverse data, and real-world success stories. By bridging the gap between academic research and practical application, Anomalib emerges as a transformative force in the field of anomaly detection.

We have tow more interesting key not speakers at this event

  • Eric Nalisnick (University of Amsterdam) will tell us about the Deep generative models and its usage in anomalie detection
  • Estefanía Talavera (University of Twente) will tell us about the interpretation of anomalies related to human behavior
November 2023
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